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Love Heals

with Amma Tanya White

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Healing your inner child,
one courageous step at a time.

My name is Amma Tanya White and for the past twenty years I have served as a holistic healer to those longing to heal from dysfunctional life patterns and childhood trauma.

The healing journey isn’t easy.
It takes time and tremendous courage.
But here’s what I want you to know:

Healing is possible, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

You are worthy of every good thing life has to offer.

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Individual healing sessions can be done either in person in or virtually via Zoom, Facetime or Messenger video.
I utilize a combination of counseling along with energy healing as well as experiential, somatic (body) exercises to unearth the hidden, emotional wounding that is buried deep within in a way that simply talking cannot always effectively access. Utilizing a holistic approach with clients, our work catalyzes and promotes profound emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual healing.

Healing Packages are available below.
Singular healing sessions are available in special circumstances, and on a case-by-case basis.

Immerse yourself in a potent, healing environment. A Love Heals retreat gives participants an opportunity to explore themselves within a group context so that you may begin to unearth and ultimately heal psychological, emotional and spiritual wounding sustained from childhood trauma.

Usually when people think of childhood trauma, they think of severe abuse and neglect. But trauma encompasses more than physical, sexual and/or emotional trauma. Trauma also entails growing up in a home where one’s basic physical needs were met, but where they were emotionally neglected, and subsequently starving for nurturing love which validated their innate worth and goodness.
Or perhaps your parents had a dysfunctional relationship but stayed together for the sake of the children. This too leaves a lasting emotional and psychological imprint on children, who will one day be adults. Adults who replicate dysfunctional behavioral patterns from their childhood, are emotionally stunted as a result of their childhood experiences.

But you need not continue to suffer. It’s always possible to heal the heart wounds of your inner child.

A diverse array of healing modalities are utilized such as sound healing, movement, somatic therapy, meditation, music, and energy healing as well as experiential group and partnering exercises.

The journey of healing psychological, emotional and spiritual wounding is a multi-layered, messy, and at times painful one and requires courage and a sincere desire to heal. Therefore, participants are held within a sacred space of love and compassion and all that is experienced throughout the course of the retreat is held in the strictest of confidentiality.

You are met fully, seen and accepted just as you are!

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“Some people are good at what they do and some are great. Tanya however, was born to do what she does; help people heal. While grieving the loss of my sister and mother, she helped me navigate this difficult time through guided meditation and spiritual support. She gave me sound and insightful advice even as my mother was transitioning. I am so grateful to have had such a safe place to land at that time in my life. She was quite literally the miracle in the midst of my storm.”

Phyllis DeGraphenreed, Los Angeles, CA

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About Amma

Amma Tanya White

Amma Tanya White, RN, BSN, MSW

  • Doctorate student of Clinical Psychology
  • 25 year career as a Registered Nurse, including 20 years as a Hospice Nurse working the terminally ill and dying
  • Master of Social Work, Temple University
  • Graduate of Howard University School of Nursing
  • Graduate of the Full Spectrum School of Healing in Meadville, PA, founded by Shamanic healer Sandra Barnard
  • Extensive travel and studies with shamanic healers in both the USA and Peru

For the past twenty years I have worked one on one with individuals and also facilitated healing workshops designed to aid participants in healing their own psychological, emotional and spiritual wounding resulting from varying forms of childhood trauma.

I was born and raised in S.E Washington, DC. Unfortunately, I was not born into an ideal family or environment. My early childhood was riddled with severe physical & sexual abuse which led to my being placed in foster care at an early age. Subsequently, at the age of 8 I also suffered the traumatic loss of my mother to suicide.

Throughout my childhood and as a young adult, Spirit has been a constant source of comfort & support for me. The trauma I endured as a child catalyzed a deep well of empathy and compassion within my heart for the suffering and struggles of others and started me on my own spiritual journey which ultimately led me to a path of healer-ship.

It gives me tremendous joy to bear witness to the inner transformation of adult survivors of childhood trauma.

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We’re all just walking one another home.